Angora Rabbit

The Angora rabbit has quickly become the favorite pet of many animal lovers, due to its “fluffy” appearance. It has also caught the eye of dedicated rabbit breeders, who readily started crossbreeding and developing new varieties. Thus, from the original species imported from Turkey, today we have a multitude of varieties. This was another filed for the French and the English to compete in, each wishing to develop their own Angora rabbit breed. And they succeeded!

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Saga Pego

It is a nocturnal species of insects in the Tettigoniidae family that can be found in Southern Europe and Asia, in the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, The Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain, Romania etc. Also known as the predatory bush cricket, this is an atypical insect judging by its carnivorous orientation – it feeds on smaller insects. Continue reading Saga Pego