When should you trim your dog’s hair?

The state of its coat will tell you whether it is time to trim your dog’s hair or not. A tangled coat will maintain heat and humidity, causing skin redness, irritation and unpleasant odor. You dog’s coat needs to be thoroughly brushed as frequently as possible in order to prevent tangling, skin conditions and discomfort. When the coat becomes excessively tangled, not even a professional groomer from a canine beauty salon will be able to untangle it through brushing; in this case, trimming will be a necessity.

The best strategy is to trim your pet’s hair over the course of the entire year. Most dogs need their hair trimmed every six to nine weeks, and dogs with fluffy or long and straight coat need their hair trimmed even more often than that.
You should seek professional advice regarding your dog and its needs. It is the best way to determine what you dog’s grooming needs are.

Thus, one might say that for all dogs with heavy coats, whether they participate in dog competitions or not, there is one indispensible hygiene procedure: hair trimming.

Tips for choosing an appropriate coat style for your dog

Just like their owners, each dog has its own personality. Each breed is different and each dog is different. So before choosing your dog’s coat style, make sure you:

  • know what the standard coat style is for your dog breed. Especially if you intend to enter your dog into canine competitions, you should know that each breed has its own set of rules and standards regarding appearance. If you want your dog to be successful in canine competitions, then your dog’s coat must meet the specific breed requirements.
  • choose your dog’s coat style based both on aesthetic principles, as well as how easy it is to care for in the future. Having a beautiful looking dog is less satisfying when you have to spend hours to an end each week in order to groom your dog’s coat.
  • consider the fact that your dog’s type of coat is important when it comes to trimming. Short-haired breeds (like the Beagle) do not require as much grooming as long-haired breeds. Curly-haired dog (like Poodle, Brichon Frise and Water Spaniels) generally need brushing and combing, but they do not necessarily need to have their hair trimmed, even though they might look better afterwards.of origin an anti-venom for this species is not available, which causes many fatalities.

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