Saga Pego

It is a nocturnal species of insects in the Tettigoniidae family that can be found in Southern Europe and Asia, in the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, The Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain, Romania etc. Also known as the predatory bush cricket, this is an atypical insect judging by its carnivorous orientation – it feeds on smaller insects.

This is an endangered species, due to excessive grazing, the use of toxic chemical substance that destroy the biotope or capturing by collectors. In Russia, the Saga pedo is protected by law.

The predatory bush cricket has an obtuse head, its forehead is steep and the antennae are filiform and very long (longer than its body). The posterior side of the protothorax exhibits a thin border. The tibias of the front and middle legs exhibit 10-11 thorns. The front and hind wings are either very small, or completely absent. Its body is long, of a green, yellow-brown color, with lighter stripes on each side. The total length of the body is 53-80 mm; the length of the ovipositor is 34-36 mm.

It reproduces through parthenogenesis (the development of embryos from unfertilized eggs). The female lays approximately 7 eggs in the soil, at different depths. Oviposition occurs only during the day. The oviposition season lasts until the fall. The larvae that hatch from these eggs go through eight stages of development. Both the larvae and the adults are polyphagous predators that consume different insect species (small coleoptera, bedbugs etc).

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