Field Spaniel Dog

Considered a rare breed, the Field Spaniel is, according to specialists in the field, the most balanced variety of Spaniels. A sweet and loving dog, the Field Spaniel Dog is an excellent companion, especially for active families.

Field Spaniel history and origins

The Field Spaniel originated in England around the year 1800, as a balanced, calm hunting dog. The breed was developed through crossbreeding with the English cocker spaniel and for a while they ore considered to be the same breed, the only difference being body mass. Later on, the breeders decided to enhance certain features of this dog, developing thus a shorter, more robust dog. During that period, the breed had lost some of its popularity due to the fact that animal lovers preferred the English cocker spaniel.

Around the mid-1900s, the breeders started a breed improvement program, which led to the development of a more harmonious and a more balanced dog and eventually to the birth of the Field Spaniel we know today. Unfortunately, it is hard to believe that the Field Spaniel will ever become at least as popular as the Cocker spaniel. In 1894 the Field Spaniel was acknowledged by the American Kennel Club as member of the sport dogs group.

External features and measures

The Field Spaniel is a medium-sized dog, with an impressive appearance that suggests sobriety, as well as docility. It is more robust and taller than the Cocker spaniel. It has almond shaped eyes and large, floppy ears. Its tail is usually amputated, but it can be kept at its original size as well.The Field Cocker’s coat is of medium length and it forms numerous curls. It is shiny and waterproof.

The coat color varies, from black to dark red or different shades of gold. Some specimens may also feature brown spots. The Field Spaniel‘s wither height is of approximately 46 cm and it weighs 16-22.5 kg.

Field Spaniel Personality

The Field Spaniel is a calm and docile dog, though sometimes it can be stubborn and even temperamental. Renowned as the most temperamentally balanced spaniel, the Field Spaniel loves anyone who gets to know it, but it can be a bit reserved around strangers.

Family and Home Relationships

The Field Spaniel is an excellent companion and it will love being part of a very active family. It gets along very well with the children if it is used with them from an early age. This dog is very protective of its family and it will always bark in order to alert its owner that a stranger is approaching. The Field Spaniel needs a home with and enclosed yard. This dog is not very happy living in an apartment, unless it is taken out for walks quite often. It is an active dog who longs for human companionship. This breed can live together with other pets if they are raised together.

The Field Spaniel is easy to educate and train and it excels in obedience. This dog responds best to light training supported by praises.

Field Spaniel Distinctive characteristics

The Field Spaniel does not like to be left alone with nothing to do. They are intelligent dogs, full of energy and they need to be mentally stimulated and trained lest they develop a destructive behavior. This dog should not be allowed to wander around by itself, it must be kept on a leash seen as it has the tendency to harass small animals or to follow any trail it might find interesting.

Current diseases and health issues

The Field Spaniel is a robust and endurant animal with very few recorded health issues. The most frequent medical conditions are hip dysplasia, ear infections and hypothyroidism.

The average life expectancy of the Field Spaniel is 10-12 years.

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