Shagya arabian horse

This variety of the Arabian breed is presently bred in Hungary, The Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, U.S.A. and Croatia. In 1978, the W.A.H.O. (World Arab Horse Organization) established that all horses bred according to the Babolna, Radauti and Topocianky methods will be considered Purebred Shagya Arabian Horses. Continue reading Shagya arabian horse

Saga Pego

It is a nocturnal species of insects in the Tettigoniidae family that can be found in Southern Europe and Asia, in the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, The Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain, Romania etc. Also known as the predatory bush cricket, this is an atypical insect judging by its carnivorous orientation – it feeds on smaller insects. Continue reading Saga Pego