Siamese cat

Originally from Siam (Thailand) the Siamese cat is known for its elegance suppleness and temper. It is one of the most known and loved breeds in Europe due to its ability to easily adapt to changes in everyday life.

History and Origin:

The Siamese cat had been known for a long time in the kingdom of Siam (Thailand), its existence being attested by a manuscript from the time of the ancient Siamese empire. The manuscript (now in the museum of Bangkok) describes 2 types of Siamese cats: the Royal Siamese, slim, supple with its extremities of a darker color and the rest of its body the color of ivory and another breed the color of chocolate similar to today’s Burmese. The cats were the pride of Siam, having the role of temple guardians and anyone who was caught smuggling them was killed

Once known as the royal cat of Siam the beautiful Siamese cat was kept only in the palace and temples of Siam. There are numerous stories about its hook shaped tail. It is said that the princesses used to put their ring on them and the cats would make sure not to lose them

It is also said that strabismus, a disease most Siamese cats have, developed in the breed because they were the guardians of the temples. Most cats had convergent strabismus and some abnormalities of the tail and were considered a trait of the breed until recently

The first Siamese cats had a more rough aspect. Its fur was almost the same color everywhere and its eyes didn’t have the same intense shade of blue. Trough selective breeding the cat suffered changes that lead to the feline we see today.

The Siamese cat was bought to Europe in the late nineteenth century. At first they didn’t gain any popularity being considered too exotic, their short for and elegant constitution not to the liking of many Europeans. The Siamese breed began to rise in popularity in 1871 when 2 cats were shown at a gallery in the Crystal Palace in London.

In 1885 the Siamese wins the title of Most beautiful cat with short hair, this leading to an increase in demand for such cats. In 1890 the breed finds its way into the United States and Great Britain. In 1892 the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) set the first standards for the breed in Britain and later, in 1914 the same is done in the US by the Siamese Cat Society.

The cat is currently accepted in the following organizations: American Association of Cat Enthusiasts (AACE), American Cat Association (ACA), American Cat Fancier’s Association (ACFA), Canadian Cat Association (CCA), Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF), The International Cat Association (TICA), Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (TCA), United Feline Organization (UFO).

Size and appearance:

One of the stiking traits of the Siamese (besides its big blue eyes) is the colour of its fur, the pattern named colourpoint or pointed meaning that the body of the cat will always have a lighter color than the extremities (tail,face,paws). It has also been discovered that the coloring of the fur is made based on the difference in temperature. The extremeties,having a lower temperature than the rest of the body is thus colored in a darker shade while the body,baing hotter is in a lighter shade.


Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) currently only recodnises only 4 colours for the siamese cat:Slea point,Blue point,Chocolate point and Liliac point. Still there are other types of colors and some organisations recodnise more of them like Red point,tortie point etc. The reason thease colors arent accepted by the CFA is because they believe such cats belong to a different breed called a Short hair colorpoint. Usually Siamese cats have short hair,the ones that have long hair are considered to be part of the Balineze or Javaneze breed depending on the pattern on the fur.


Siamese are know for their talent to comunicate with their human companions.If you wish to have a quiet day after comming home from work then geting a siamese isnt the best ideea as their long meows can become anoying.Still they are masters in maniplating the moods of their owners.They are sociable and inteligent but dependent on their human owners. They make a loyal pet needing attention,affection and active implication from their owners. If being ignored for too long the cats become sad and lose their brightness.

Diseases and other medical…stuff:

Siamese cats are generally very healthy felines altough they may have genetic problems that run in the family. Some are proned to cardiac diseases,gingivitis or other diseases but with a healthy lifestyle (good food exercise and regular visits to the vtrenerian) they can live up to 12-15 years. After 6-7 years its best to make a routine controll at the vetrenerian

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